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From child to adult, from blushing and shy to delivering seminars in front of 100's of nudists. My name is Abby Turner, I am retired but continue to council people through seminars and private sessions.

My original blog will be posted here as well as new posts because I believe the information is important and well worth the time and energy. Original posting dates may not stay the same but may reflect the date I moved the post. I've been asked not to delete my original blog, sending it to the dark, nowhere void of the internet space; that being said, I will move the information here.

Please bare with me, it will be very time consuming and emotional at times. I will also include Lisa's posts as I believe her posts were and still are very valuable and informative to common issues, topics and discussions.


A Confidence Within, Makes Us Proud

Study after study has proven nudity early in life builds character, confidence and a sense of security with in one's self. Young children growing up through the years in such a nudist lifestyle has made what is considered "taboo" in modern society a normal every day environment. The taboo of being naked is done away with and children are more open about their bodies, accepting of others, and are healthier physically, emotionally and mentally. All shame is removed and children are more vocal about their feelings and curiosity. As these children become adults they become better established in communities, more intelligent and more confident.

The confidence learned helps nudists in many ways. Physically these people notice the changes in their bodies from the inside out with little to no consideration or embarrassment to the body. Physical condition and appearances of body shape, color, or size is not considered relevant. Because there is no stigma encasing nudity the children and adults are very comfortable with themselves so any visible changes are expected and considered normal; an everyday experience. In other words, body changes during growth and maturity are expected, seen as normal and are not cause for alarm or stress. Even when body changes or differences are noticed, it is accepted as the fact it is; no one's body is the same. This mentality quickly becomes evident and in fact carries over into many facets of their lives. Early and continued exposure to the naked body has made children and adults more secure and confident in their appearance which makes them more confident in everyday life experiences.

Confidence builds strong character, well behaved and well mannered people not easily swayed by peer pressure. Nudist children and adults grow up tending to make better choices and thinking of others instead of just themselves. This has become evident in most every study ever done regarding nudist families and/or children.



The Realization

While reading this and other research or studies concerning children regarding any subject remember this: from the moment we bring children home from the hospital, we are teaching them right from wrong. Do you agree?

As the children grow, become older, explore, investigate and test parents, again we are giving the child input and teaching them right from wrong. Do you agree?

As a child ventures out with parents or siblings eventually it will be time to cross the street. The child approaches the cross walk but forgets to look before crossing. The child is scolded or lectured about the dangers or at the very least and most common is told "What have I told you? Do not cross the street without look both ways first". Teaching the child right from wrong. Do you agree?

A child slips out of his/her diaper or runs out of their bedroom before putting clothes on. The child is lectured it is not appropriate and should go put clothes on, no one should see "their privates". Teaching them right from wrong. Do you agree?

This is WHY and the ONLY reason why child and adults believe nudity is wrong. As children, most are taught it is wrong to be going around in front of others without wearing any clothes.

No where in the Bible does it state we are to wear clothing. NO WHERE does it state or insinuate it is a sin to go around naked. If someone tells you the Bible does say to wear clothing, ask them the verse.

We the people, the humans of shy and shameless are who have taught for centuries it is not proper to go around without covering ourselves. Hence is the problem with society today and has been since the 1800's. The United States, to this day is still one of the strictest countries regarding not only nudity but also sex (which is a whole different story).

Please keep this in mind as you read through the tutorials, research, studies, statistics and first person accounts told in their own words.


Research and Studies

The research and studies I mention here (some) are available on the Internet with the exception of one or two. Some of the information provided here is from my Father's, Jame's and my step mom's research.
As most of you know my father and James held doctorates and my mom was a clinical lab researcher also holding a couple degrees and doctorates. Child psychology was my step mom's area of study and as you know I followed in her foot steps. Foot steps I am very proud of and to this day enjoy.
Some of the studies performed in the early seventies were the beginning of reliable, focused, and legitimate research of the nudist life style. This research immediately branched out to far reaching topics and categories cover a wide range of factor studies both controlled and uncontrolled.

Some of the research I will be referring to:
Jasper, Hastings, and Connally. 1970-73
Collin, Hastings, Turner and Turner. 1971-75
Jasper, Turner and Turner. 1975-80
Marilyn Story. 1979
Goldmans. 1981
Lewis and Janda. 1988
Okami Study. 1995
Nevgy. 2004



In The Beginning

I was raised in a nudist family, we were nude most of the time. In our house, out in the backyard, in the swimming pool, and even laying out tanning. When I say "we" I mean my dad, mom, two sisters and later my step-mom and step-brother. The second family occured when I was about 10 after my mother left my dad and us three kids. My dad was killed in an automobile accident and I went to live with my step-mom and step-brother who lost the man of their house in the same car accident as my dad (our dads worked together after college, that's how they met and how we all became close friends and family).
I was actually raised around my second family. We had known each other for years hanging out together, family outings with one another and just partying in the backyard for birthdays and anniversaries. My new mom was just that; she always treated me as one of her own and never favored her real son over me but at times I think I got special treatment from her.
My new brother has always been cool. That special treatment I mentioned, he said I was deserving and said it was nice that mom got the girl she always wanted. My two sisters were always a pain and never treated anyone with respect. They demanded everything they thought they should have, never worked for a dime and crapped on all of us every chance they got. As they got older they went to live with my first mom and never looked back. Honestly, I never looked for them, unfortunately, there was no love lost between us.

So there you have a brief run down of my family/friends. We continued our lifestyle as we had before the dramatic changes in our lives. Living as nudists never seemed unusual or abnormal. I knew that most of the children I grew up with were not involved in the nudist lifestyle, however there came a time when I did met a girl from high school at one of the resorts but no issue was every made of it. In fact, she was relieved when she saw me and couldn't believe that I had been living the lifestyle I had for so long. She ended up becoming a good friend and to this day is still enjoying the nudist lifestyle.


Nudist Does Not Equal Sex

I hear the statement, "it will cause orgies and all those kids to have sex" or "just asking for trouble". What are they referring to? Nudist, yes. These statements are from people that do not know what nudism or naturism is regarding. The free feeling lifestyle does not mean it is an early sixties love fest like so many people believe it to be.
It is a way a life. It is a confidence builder. People are more aware of their body and are comfortable with the way they are rarely declaring "I wish my body looked like...." It doesn't happen, at least not often.
There studies and research and scientific tests that have proven how healthy nudism really can be for a person.