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From child to adult, from blushing and shy to delivering seminars in front of 100's of nudists. My name is Abby Turner, I am retired but continue to council people through seminars and private sessions.

My original blog will be posted here as well as new posts because I believe the information is important and well worth the time and energy. Original posting dates may not stay the same but may reflect the date I moved the post. I've been asked not to delete my original blog, sending it to the dark, nowhere void of the internet space; that being said, I will move the information here.

Please bare with me, it will be very time consuming and emotional at times. I will also include Lisa's posts as I believe her posts were and still are very valuable and informative to common issues, topics and discussions.


Internet and Nudists

The internet has of course both helped and hurt the Nudists by informing people the way of nudist lifestyle.  This has been both good and bad although the good has far out reached the bad, the bad has been obviously labor intense to delete, respond and/or make the bad misinformation and attitude disappear.

The bad of course being the people (sorry mostly men), trying to get in contact with the nudists through the internet for things other than nudist lifestyle questions, resort questions etc. Not all the contact has been sex related and it takes several emails to make the men understand being nude is not sex related.  There have been a few times when a well place letter or email to these men and their internet provider was required; unfortunately we had to take extreme measures to do so, but we had to.

The internet has been a excellent source for sharing information easier whether it has been in regards to questions about the lifestyle or advertising for the nudist resorts.  Of course one draw back is when someone does a search regarding nudism, they have to wade through all of the porn that is using "nudist, nude sunbathing, nudist resort" and other key phrases to get the porn site in most searches done on the internet.

I have literally thousands of emails regarding nudism.  Most of these letters I have responded to both directly and in posted the questions and responses on my blog.  As you know I am still in the process of moving my blog here, so be sure to "follow" my blog for all updated posts.

I have recently been in a mind frying dilemma.  As some of you know my niece was posting her point of views on my blog; giving a teenage angle to very popular questions.  Since her passing, I have been struggling as to whether or not I should re-post her originals here.  The question is still there, it's up in the air.... Input is welcome if you so desire.

Hugs and kisses to you all.


Randy OBrian said...

This is so true. I have been trying to do research (which is how I came across you) but I had to filter through a lot of porn related sites before getting to some that were really about the nudism lifestyle.


Andrea Z said...

Ms. Turner, I want you to know I enjoyed your lecture at VVHC the other month. I have read every post here and am looking forward to reading everything you still have to post. I look forward to your reading your old blog as well as new posts.

Andrea Z.

Tom E said...

Abby, Andrea emailed the link here. I like your blog and your class was great. I hope to sit in on one of your lectures again. Very informative, your blog and the lecture.

Tom E