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From child to adult, from blushing and shy to delivering seminars in front of 100's of nudists. My name is Abby Turner, I am retired but continue to council people through seminars and private sessions.

My original blog will be posted here as well as new posts because I believe the information is important and well worth the time and energy. Original posting dates may not stay the same but may reflect the date I moved the post. I've been asked not to delete my original blog, sending it to the dark, nowhere void of the internet space; that being said, I will move the information here.

Please bare with me, it will be very time consuming and emotional at times. I will also include Lisa's posts as I believe her posts were and still are very valuable and informative to common issues, topics and discussions.


Where I Am Today

Over the last several years life has been very daunting at times.  When of course happens, we must all overcome, persevere.  At times it is not easy.  It has not been because of my lifestyle, the friends I have or choices I've made.  Hence, the reason I am in Africa.

I have obtained a research grant to study a tribe in the Amazon.  The journey has been long and hard, uncomfortable (compared to the spoiled ways I live), but most of all, it has been extremely educating, eye opening and satisfying.  I have no time schedule as to my return, if all goes well, this study may go on for years.  I am in a remote area of the Amazon jungle, satellite phone with limited coverage and internet coverage even more limited if considering the upload speeds.

I will post as I can.  No promises as to how often or what will be the subject of my posts.  It is not like I am in the middle of the jungle at a nudist resort.

As I learn more of the tribe and their expectations, traditions and lifestyle I will post a blurb here and there.



Nudism and Crime Rate

I have been asked via email and also at seminars about crime statistics in nudist communities, nudist resorts and family practiced nudism within the household.  In the statistics listed below sexual assault is a violent crime, however it has been separated from “violent crime” to show more of a break down and accuracy of the different type crimes.


Violent crime (assault):  .02%  These were crimes committed at a resort or within a community.  All participates of the crime were nudists.

Sexual Assault (rape):  .01%  Within the nudist community there has only been one rape reported/filed in a nudist community or resort.  This reported occurred at a resort in Greece.  The man who committed the rape was not a nudist; he worked at the resort at the front counter (check-in counter).  During the investigation, it was discovered the man was wanted for attempted rape in another city.

Sexual Assault (inappropriate touching):  .03%  All of these acts were committed by people who were able to get through “security” checks.  All of the criminals (yes, all were prosecuted) admitted the only reason they were at the resort or beach was to “pick up” a woman.  In one instance, the man beat a woman, claiming she was his wife.  The woman was not his wife.  The man later was confined to a institution for evaluation and treatment.

Theft:  1%  This is the highest of any crime committed in the nudist communities.  However, in comparison to the national average, the one percent equates to .002% of the national average.  The crime rate for theft does not even register on the national scale.

I hope, you understand what these numbers represent, how minuet these statistics generate in the national average.  The numbers listed above prove, without a doubt, nudity does not encourage crime of anytime.



Unwanted Advances

While visiting at a nudist resort in Florida, a “gentleman” approached me, asking if he could sit and talk.  I, of course said yes, so the gentleman sat and visited for about an hour.

The conversation was the normal chit-chat, name, where from, what do I do for a living, likes, dislikes, etc.  All seemed good, normal and actually quite pleasant.  Then came the advances.  I explained (politely) that I was not interested, but thanks for asking.  This however did not stop him.  Next came the casual touching, he slide over, leg against leg, then soon a shoulder touching or him telling a joke and lightly touch my arm as if we were old friends.

I stressed to him again that I was not interested.  I explained that his behavior was not appreciated nor was it appropriate.   Then he said the all time, over the top pick up line that always makes women jump into men’s arms; “oh come one, you know you want it”.  I informed him, his actions have gone way beyond reasonable or acceptable and I was going to management to have him taken care of.

He, of course got a little upset.  Okay, extremely upset.  He informed me, that I was the issue.  I… Yes, I was the issue, a tease, a slut and a bitch.  He went on to say that I needed to change my ways and stop being a hypocrite because “everyone knows the real reason to come to a nudist resort”.

I with my ultimate wisdom (meaning smarta@@ attitude) replied with a simple but subtle comment.  “Sir, I am reporting you to resort management.  I am requesting you leave me alone.  People like you give nudism a bad rap, and lastly, I am not attracted to you; your personality nor your body.  Sir, I come here to the resort to relax, not to hit on men and definitely not to be hit on by men”.

I have used this experience in my seminars and classes.  And there is always at least one person that responds with: 

Q:  If you don’t go to a nudist resort to “get lucky” then why do you go?

A:  Why do you go to the beach or a ski resort?  The reasons for doing things are not any different just because you are doing it in the nude.  Yes, some people go to clothing required beach to find a date, meet new people for a relationship.  Some may do that at a nudist resort or beach, but it is only a few that are that way.  To a nudist, a place where we can go and be nude, do normal things such as sunbath, swim, play volleyball, meet like minded people, or just relax; all in the nude, that is why nudists go to nude facilities.

Yes, it really is that simple.  Most people discussing or thinking about nudism, over think, over analyze or won’t think outside of the box.  For many, nudism is not a natural concept for their mind.  In most seminars, I do have to break the concept down to very basic thought processes to get around preconceived notions, emotions and ideals.

Have a great day!


Bless the Queen’s Estate Beach Now Open

Below is an article published Oct. 13th.  I hope you take the time to read it carefully.  The article is about the re-opening of what had become known as a nudist beach in the UK.  It was closed because of a small handful of deviants, pervs and sloths with no respect.

I have been to the beach.  It is a lovely beach and often heavily populated with nudists and naturalists.  However, there was a group of people conducting themselves in adult behavior with no respect for others.  Having sex in the middle of the beach, propositioning tours and regular beach goers as they walked by attempting to enjoy what they thought was a safe haven for nudity.

Because of the select few and their behavior the beach was closed; understandable so.  The beach, much to most delight, has been re-opened for nudists and naturalists.  The fear of course the bad element will return to the beach practicing elicit behavior and once again ruining the beach for others.

As I have said in the past and almost everyday in emails and blog posts…. nudism is NOT about sex.  It is about living a life clothes free.  Whether you are a nudist or not, it is NOT appropriate  to have sex, engage in sex acts or proposition beach goers.

I believe the preferred solution is to have law enforcement patrol the beach and arrest those practicing elicit behavior.  The word will get out; the beach is for nudists and naturalists not the lowly, morality lacking people using the beach to copulate.  It is people like these that give nude beaches, nude resorts and nudism in general a bad name.

Enough of my rant.  Here’s the link:

Have a great day!



Types Of Nudist Resorts

I have had several questions regarding the type of resorts, beaches and communities.  This post is to help distinguish the different types of nude “communities” and acceptable behavior of each.

First, Nude resorts.  A resort is just that, a resort where people go and enjoy a nude lifestyle within the confines of the resort.  Resorts are found all over the world and of several types or “star rating” much like a common resort.  As a general rule there are a few categories of resorts.   Please keep in mind these are generalized and often are referred to by different names or “titles”.

1. Family Friendly Resorts.  These resorts are becoming more and more common.  FFR’s are just that.  The are family friendly and are accessed by all ages; normally 17 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

--- Standards of behavior are that which is contusive to family gathers.  Any open/public sexual activity is forbidden.  This is a family friendly resort, get a room.   As with most resorts the display of a erection is the biggest concern.  Some resorts require an erection to be covered until there is no erection, but this is not necessarily the rule at all family resorts.  There maybe exceptions to this rule (if there is such a rule).  The exception may exclude boys at a certain age not to cover up since they are in the middle of maturing and have less control of the situation than grown males.  If exposing your children to viewing an erection is a concern, check the resort rules before booking your stay at the resort.

2. Adults Only Resorts.  AOR’s may include couples only resorts.  These resorts are not meant for children under the age of 18 or 21 in some cases.  This is not for any other reason other than, the resort does not want to be held liable for adult nudity around under aged children.  Some of these resorts require all adults to be in a relationship and there at the resort with their partner.  Now, how some are handling the “gay issue” varies from one resort to the next.  In some resorts any female can visit accompanied or unaccompanied however, been maybe required to check in with a female, not by themselves or with another male.  Again, this could fall into how each individual resort handles gay couples or individuals in general.  Better safe than sorry, call ahead and get a copy of the rules or ask point blank, don’t beat around the bush and ask!

3.  Swingers Nude Resorts.  SNR’s are for adults only but do not confuse them with an AOR.  This is a lifestyle all of it’s own, not only a nudist lifestyle but a swinger’s lifestyle as well.  It is common place in a SNR for there to be open/public sexual encounters throughout the resort.  This type of resorts are not for everyone and by no means should be used as a standard practice for the nudist lifestyle.  SNRs are for adults interested in “swinging” which is commonly said of those that swap partners, have multiple partners (at one time) or trade partners for a given length of time.

I hope this clears up some of the misunderstandings regarding Nudist Resorts and what is expected behavior.  No matter which type of resort you are interested in, you should call and get the resort rules or at least ask in a plain and easy to understand question regarding your concerns.

Hope this helps!


A Little About Me - Abygale Turner

This is just a short snippet of something about me.  Many readers have asked a lot a questions about me personally so I thought I would answer a few of those questions by posting.  This blog would normally be for answering questions and/or networking with other nudists or non-nudists in hopes of reaching out, teaching and supporting everyone.

This is a family friendly blog just like most nude resorts and beaches are family friendly.

I will post more and more of the questions that have been asked of me, about me.

A little about me:

I am a nudist, I grew up in this fantastic lifestyle. I was introduced to nudism when I was less than one year old along with the rest of my family plus my Dad's best friend and his family. After family tragedies, our families combined; I was raised by my "step-mom" who I consider my mom.
I am  in my 40's, a nudist and love the lifestyle. I have been a research subject regarding nudism since the day I was born.


Girls Night and Nudity

Hi everyone,

Thought I would let everyone know, Aunt Abby is away on a lecture tour and my folks are out fighting a fire in another state.  Grams is here watching me so it’s all good, right?  Smile

Anyway, several of my friends from school are here for a sleep over (all girls, sorry guys, the other Moms so no to a coed sleep over).

As a group, we have been discussing several topics (as us teen girls always do).

First, boys.  Boys are cool, but we all agreed we are way to young to be risking getting pregnant!  Do we want to date?  Yes, of course.  But dating does not mean sex!!  We all agreed, kissing would be good but more than that, well….  sorry! Winking smile  Again, way to young.

Second, nudity.  Yes we are all sitting around enjoying the comforts and freedoms of being nude.  No one here has a problem being nude.  Again, we all agreed, it is NOT a sex thing.  It is a comfort thing!  A lifestyle thing, a preference… but is not a sex thing so get over it and I’m not talking to just the boys out there.  I’m talking to other girls the snub their noses up think they are too good to be nude, I’m talking to those that wrinkle their noses at nudists stating their opinion as if it was facts and not ever experiencing nudism.  You need to get over yourselves and stop being disrespectful to those that are nudists.  Just because you don’t like it (whether you have tried it or not) doesn’t mean you should be disrespectful to us.  We aren’t disrespectful to you.

Third, touchy feely.  As girls normally do, we are always hugging each other, laying a hand on each other, having our arms around each other while we walk around or whatever the touchy feely is.  Just because we are naked when we do it, doesn’t mean it’s any different than girls that do the same thing when dressed.  Again, it’s not a sex thing.  In fact, from what I have seen, heard and read, the non-nudist are the ones that make it a sex thing.  If we are naked and walking arm in arm, holding hands, or showing some kind of physical contact it is considered a sexual.  But, if we are walking around the mall walking arm in arm, holding hands or showing some kind of physical contact it is considered cute or a sign of best friends like sisters.  Again, the non-nudists relate nudism, being naked to SEX.  It’s NOT!!!

Forth, sexuality.  As nudist, I believe we are more aware of our sexuality than non-nudists.  Nudists (at least the ones I know) seem to talk about a sexual topic more openly and more matter of fact than those that are not nudists.  Whether a person is straight, gay or bi, doesn’t matter when it comes to talking about sexual behavior, sexual preference or just sex in general.  We seem to be more confident, less embarrassed (if at all), more open minded and less judgmental than non-nudists.  BDSM, oral, or whatever the topic, it should be discussed if someone has questions.  It might not be for one person but maybe it is by the next.  So it’s their choice.  Just like someone liking or disliking apples.  Doesn’t mean it is a reason to like or dislike that person so long as they don’t try to force their way on someone who has they are not interested.

We have a few more topics that we discussed as a group, shaved pubic area’s, self pleasure, fantasies, hobbies and the human body.  Serious discussions with a lot of humor mixed in.  I will post more of it later, we have just entered a new topic…. Naked in public.


Teen Nudity Question to Lisa

Hi everyone.  We just received a question regarding teenage nudity.

“Lisa, I’m in my early teens, not raised as a nudist and I don’t have friends that are nudists as you and your family are.  I am ALWAYS uncomfortable in clothes.  I mean that when I do wear clothes I am always wishing that I wasn’t.  I talked to my mom about it and finally she has agreed that if I don’t want to wear clothes around the house I don’t have too.  It took some doing but after reading your Aunt’s blog, she has agreed.

My question to you is, how do you feel about being raised as a nudist?  Did you have a choice?  Do you regret being a nudist?”

Kimberly, I’m glad your Mom agrees to let you go nude around the house.  But, be sure not to abuse it!  Be aware of your Mom’s feelings as well and make sure you know where the line is as to when and when not it is okay to be nude.

Your first question, how do I feel about being a nudist?  I love it!!  I really do.  I also almost always wish I was nude when I have to wear clothing of any kind.  When I do were clothing, I wear as little as possible, including (or excluding) bras and panties.  Winking smile

Being raised a nudist I believe I have matured (in some ways) faster than other teenagers.  I don’t look at people and start to rate or judge their appearance.   For me, when I say someone has a great personality, that does not mean they are not pretty or handsome, it means, they have a great personality.  Body shape, size, color or modifications (if any) don’t mean anything to me.  I like people for who they are, without all the drama and distractions most people are raised with.

I am more self confident than most my age and I believe it is because I am raised in the nude.  Nothing to hide Winking smile , I am comfortable with me and the way I look which adds to my confidence and less stressful way of life.  I don’t worry about having certain brand clothing or accessories, etc.  I am comfortable just the way I am.  If people don’t like me for who I am, then obviously they can not be my friend and I don’t have to worry about it.  I don’t try to be someone I'm not, my confidence helps me be the person I am. 

Do I have a choice?  Yes!  My parents and Aunt always make sure I am going nude because I want too, not because everyone else is.  This attitude builds with not falling to peer pressure.  I have become a strong person because of my nudity, reinforcing who I am and helping me make better choices.

Something else I believe is because of not hiding behind clothing or pretending to be something I’m not, I am more open minded and don’t judge people for their likes and dislikes.  I am always respectful to that.  In fact, I find I have more respect for people that obviously are doing what they want (if it’s a good choice) instead of what all of their friends think they should be doing.

Being raised in a nudist family lifestyle probably brings up more questions sooner than later on many subjects.  Sex being one of them.  I don’t get embarrassed if the subject of sex comes up and I don’t shy away from talking about it.  This does not mean I have sex or that I am planning on having sex with someone anytime soon.  It just means I am totally aware facts regarding sex; the technical part as well as different types of sex acts.

There is no topic off limits in my family and I think you will find that among most nudists.  It has a lot to do with openness and not hiding or making a like or dislike opinion for someone else.  Your likes may or may not be the same as mine.  But until I try something, I don’t know if I like it or dislike it so how can I judge something until I do?

I have no regrets regarding being a nudist.  I totally enjoy the lifestyle.

I know there are a lot of stats around the medical field and the internet regarding pros and cons of nudity (I’m talking about facts not someone’s opinion based on no knowledge).  I believe more females than males prefer nudity depending on age.  Overall, I bet the stats are the same.

By the way, most of my girlfriends that are not in a nudist family lifestyle, love coming to my house so they can be nude.  They like the lifestyle just as much as I do.

Hope this helps!



Changing Your Lifestyle

I have received many emails asking “how do I start?”.
There are several ways to start experimenting, to try it out.  The first way is normally not done and can have a negative result rather than a positive reaction.
The first and most obvious way is to just jump right in.  Look on the internet for nudist resort nearest you, call for a reservation if needed and go.  Once there, do as they do.  Strip down and head to the beach, pool or whatever amenities the resort has to offer.  This takes a lot of courage and can stop someone from actually trying and enjoying the experience.
Here is what I suggest for both men and women.  Start slow.  After showering/bathing take your time before getting dressed.  Don’t rush.  Dry off, hang up your towel, do your hair, makeup, shave, brush your teeth and then go pick out your clothes to put on.  You should still be naked at this time.  No, not even the towel should be wrapped around you… remember, I said ‘hang up your towel’.
Still doing good?  Or is it time to put clothes on?  Do as much as you can until you are use to the feeling and knowing you are walking around naked.  Then increase your activity before getting dressed.  Staying to the bedroom will make for an easier adjustment.  Most people feel secure in their bedroom which will help minimize any stress or comfort issues.
Another good start for trying nudism, is sleeping naked.  You are in the security of your room, covered in blankets and you are comfortable.  Research has shown that 8 out of 10 who tried sleeping the nude for the first time, find it more comfortable than with clothes.  Think about it.  How many times have you rolled over in bed only to have to re-adjust your pj’s because they didn't roll with you? Now you have to lift this body part or that, tug on your pj’s and then settle down and get comfortable again.  Not if you aren't wearing any pj’s.  This same study showed that 9 out of 10 people sleeping in the nude fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly and feel better rested when they wake up in the morning.
So, try sleeping in the nude.  When you get up, don’t grab the bathrobe.  If you have a bathroom connected to your room or if you live alone, climb out of bed, walk to the bathroom and start the shower.  Not counting the time you are sleeping (6 – 8 hours?) look at all the time you have spent nude. Below are average times depending on if you are male/female and what you actually do for each.
Brushing your teeth: 5 minutes
Doing your hair:  10 – 30 minutes
Shaving (face): 10 minutes
Doing makeup:  10 – 15 minutes
Making the bed:  5 minutes
Picking up your room: 15 minutes
Checking cell phone messages:  5 minutes
Checking email: 10 – 15 minutes
Answering email: 15 – 30 minutes
See, you have already spent at least an hour in the nude that you normally would not have.  And it feels great right?
Having a lazy day or done working for the day? Climb in bed and read a good book.  If you are a woman, don’t let the sheet sliding down and exposing you be a worry.  Read your book.  Resist the temptation to keep pulling the covers over you as you read.  Grab that glass of water or wine as your read, but don’t grab the sheet.  Leave it, let it do it’s own thing.
As you can see, there is a slow progressing of not only being nude while you do regular activities but resist the need to pull a bathrobe closed, pull up the sheets, pull down a t-shirt.  This will help you not only be comfortable and confident about yourself but about others as well.  There is no shame in being you!
Now it’s time to try the living room.  Go sit on the couch or in your favorite chair.  Need to check the news? Watch your favorite show.  So do it…. in the nude.
Have to let the dog or cat out into the backyard?  So do it.  Open the door as you normally would if you were clothed.  Please note I did say ‘backyard’.  If your house faces a street and there is a chance someone will see you as they walk by, it’s not a good idea to stand at the doorway all exposed.   The police could be knock on your door soon if you do.
Not everyone fits into the mold of a model.  In my opinion, most female models are way to skinny, un-natural, and unrealistic.  Being a nudist helps with self-confidence, learning and social stills.
Hugs and kisses, everyone!


Internet and Nudists

The internet has of course both helped and hurt the Nudists by informing people the way of nudist lifestyle.  This has been both good and bad although the good has far out reached the bad, the bad has been obviously labor intense to delete, respond and/or make the bad misinformation and attitude disappear.

The bad of course being the people (sorry mostly men), trying to get in contact with the nudists through the internet for things other than nudist lifestyle questions, resort questions etc. Not all the contact has been sex related and it takes several emails to make the men understand being nude is not sex related.  There have been a few times when a well place letter or email to these men and their internet provider was required; unfortunately we had to take extreme measures to do so, but we had to.

The internet has been a excellent source for sharing information easier whether it has been in regards to questions about the lifestyle or advertising for the nudist resorts.  Of course one draw back is when someone does a search regarding nudism, they have to wade through all of the porn that is using "nudist, nude sunbathing, nudist resort" and other key phrases to get the porn site in most searches done on the internet.

I have literally thousands of emails regarding nudism.  Most of these letters I have responded to both directly and in posted the questions and responses on my blog.  As you know I am still in the process of moving my blog here, so be sure to "follow" my blog for all updated posts.

I have recently been in a mind frying dilemma.  As some of you know my niece was posting her point of views on my blog; giving a teenage angle to very popular questions.  Since her passing, I have been struggling as to whether or not I should re-post her originals here.  The question is still there, it's up in the air.... Input is welcome if you so desire.

Hugs and kisses to you all.