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Types Of Nudist Resorts

I have had several questions regarding the type of resorts, beaches and communities.  This post is to help distinguish the different types of nude “communities” and acceptable behavior of each.

First, Nude resorts.  A resort is just that, a resort where people go and enjoy a nude lifestyle within the confines of the resort.  Resorts are found all over the world and of several types or “star rating” much like a common resort.  As a general rule there are a few categories of resorts.   Please keep in mind these are generalized and often are referred to by different names or “titles”.

1. Family Friendly Resorts.  These resorts are becoming more and more common.  FFR’s are just that.  The are family friendly and are accessed by all ages; normally 17 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

--- Standards of behavior are that which is contusive to family gathers.  Any open/public sexual activity is forbidden.  This is a family friendly resort, get a room.   As with most resorts the display of a erection is the biggest concern.  Some resorts require an erection to be covered until there is no erection, but this is not necessarily the rule at all family resorts.  There maybe exceptions to this rule (if there is such a rule).  The exception may exclude boys at a certain age not to cover up since they are in the middle of maturing and have less control of the situation than grown males.  If exposing your children to viewing an erection is a concern, check the resort rules before booking your stay at the resort.

2. Adults Only Resorts.  AOR’s may include couples only resorts.  These resorts are not meant for children under the age of 18 or 21 in some cases.  This is not for any other reason other than, the resort does not want to be held liable for adult nudity around under aged children.  Some of these resorts require all adults to be in a relationship and there at the resort with their partner.  Now, how some are handling the “gay issue” varies from one resort to the next.  In some resorts any female can visit accompanied or unaccompanied however, been maybe required to check in with a female, not by themselves or with another male.  Again, this could fall into how each individual resort handles gay couples or individuals in general.  Better safe than sorry, call ahead and get a copy of the rules or ask point blank, don’t beat around the bush and ask!

3.  Swingers Nude Resorts.  SNR’s are for adults only but do not confuse them with an AOR.  This is a lifestyle all of it’s own, not only a nudist lifestyle but a swinger’s lifestyle as well.  It is common place in a SNR for there to be open/public sexual encounters throughout the resort.  This type of resorts are not for everyone and by no means should be used as a standard practice for the nudist lifestyle.  SNRs are for adults interested in “swinging” which is commonly said of those that swap partners, have multiple partners (at one time) or trade partners for a given length of time.

I hope this clears up some of the misunderstandings regarding Nudist Resorts and what is expected behavior.  No matter which type of resort you are interested in, you should call and get the resort rules or at least ask in a plain and easy to understand question regarding your concerns.

Hope this helps!


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Ginger said...

This is very informative. You answered a lot of questions I didn't know to ask or even think about. I really like your blog