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From child to adult, from blushing and shy to delivering seminars in front of 100's of nudists. My name is Abby Turner, I am retired but continue to council people through seminars and private sessions.

My original blog will be posted here as well as new posts because I believe the information is important and well worth the time and energy. Original posting dates may not stay the same but may reflect the date I moved the post. I've been asked not to delete my original blog, sending it to the dark, nowhere void of the internet space; that being said, I will move the information here.

Please bare with me, it will be very time consuming and emotional at times. I will also include Lisa's posts as I believe her posts were and still are very valuable and informative to common issues, topics and discussions.


Girls Night and Nudity

Hi everyone,

Thought I would let everyone know, Aunt Abby is away on a lecture tour and my folks are out fighting a fire in another state.  Grams is here watching me so it’s all good, right?  Smile

Anyway, several of my friends from school are here for a sleep over (all girls, sorry guys, the other Moms so no to a coed sleep over).

As a group, we have been discussing several topics (as us teen girls always do).

First, boys.  Boys are cool, but we all agreed we are way to young to be risking getting pregnant!  Do we want to date?  Yes, of course.  But dating does not mean sex!!  We all agreed, kissing would be good but more than that, well….  sorry! Winking smile  Again, way to young.

Second, nudity.  Yes we are all sitting around enjoying the comforts and freedoms of being nude.  No one here has a problem being nude.  Again, we all agreed, it is NOT a sex thing.  It is a comfort thing!  A lifestyle thing, a preference… but is not a sex thing so get over it and I’m not talking to just the boys out there.  I’m talking to other girls the snub their noses up think they are too good to be nude, I’m talking to those that wrinkle their noses at nudists stating their opinion as if it was facts and not ever experiencing nudism.  You need to get over yourselves and stop being disrespectful to those that are nudists.  Just because you don’t like it (whether you have tried it or not) doesn’t mean you should be disrespectful to us.  We aren’t disrespectful to you.

Third, touchy feely.  As girls normally do, we are always hugging each other, laying a hand on each other, having our arms around each other while we walk around or whatever the touchy feely is.  Just because we are naked when we do it, doesn’t mean it’s any different than girls that do the same thing when dressed.  Again, it’s not a sex thing.  In fact, from what I have seen, heard and read, the non-nudist are the ones that make it a sex thing.  If we are naked and walking arm in arm, holding hands, or showing some kind of physical contact it is considered a sexual.  But, if we are walking around the mall walking arm in arm, holding hands or showing some kind of physical contact it is considered cute or a sign of best friends like sisters.  Again, the non-nudists relate nudism, being naked to SEX.  It’s NOT!!!

Forth, sexuality.  As nudist, I believe we are more aware of our sexuality than non-nudists.  Nudists (at least the ones I know) seem to talk about a sexual topic more openly and more matter of fact than those that are not nudists.  Whether a person is straight, gay or bi, doesn’t matter when it comes to talking about sexual behavior, sexual preference or just sex in general.  We seem to be more confident, less embarrassed (if at all), more open minded and less judgmental than non-nudists.  BDSM, oral, or whatever the topic, it should be discussed if someone has questions.  It might not be for one person but maybe it is by the next.  So it’s their choice.  Just like someone liking or disliking apples.  Doesn’t mean it is a reason to like or dislike that person so long as they don’t try to force their way on someone who has they are not interested.

We have a few more topics that we discussed as a group, shaved pubic area’s, self pleasure, fantasies, hobbies and the human body.  Serious discussions with a lot of humor mixed in.  I will post more of it later, we have just entered a new topic…. Naked in public.



JJ said...

Abs, I'm glad to see you are moving all of your original blog posts to this blog. Honored you are including Lisa's posts as well. I'm sure it's hard to do, as it is for me to read the posts, but... it should be done.
Loves ya girly.

Kelly G said...

Wow it's been years since I saw the original post. I remember that night as if it was yesterday. I hope you re-post the rest of what Lisa wrote that night. I remember it being a topic at school for months after the post. Lisa is missed.