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From child to adult, from blushing and shy to delivering seminars in front of 100's of nudists. My name is Abby Turner, I am retired but continue to council people through seminars and private sessions.

My original blog will be posted here as well as new posts because I believe the information is important and well worth the time and energy. Original posting dates may not stay the same but may reflect the date I moved the post. I've been asked not to delete my original blog, sending it to the dark, nowhere void of the internet space; that being said, I will move the information here.

Please bare with me, it will be very time consuming and emotional at times. I will also include Lisa's posts as I believe her posts were and still are very valuable and informative to common issues, topics and discussions.


Teen Nudity Question to Lisa

Hi everyone.  We just received a question regarding teenage nudity.

“Lisa, I’m in my early teens, not raised as a nudist and I don’t have friends that are nudists as you and your family are.  I am ALWAYS uncomfortable in clothes.  I mean that when I do wear clothes I am always wishing that I wasn’t.  I talked to my mom about it and finally she has agreed that if I don’t want to wear clothes around the house I don’t have too.  It took some doing but after reading your Aunt’s blog, she has agreed.

My question to you is, how do you feel about being raised as a nudist?  Did you have a choice?  Do you regret being a nudist?”

Kimberly, I’m glad your Mom agrees to let you go nude around the house.  But, be sure not to abuse it!  Be aware of your Mom’s feelings as well and make sure you know where the line is as to when and when not it is okay to be nude.

Your first question, how do I feel about being a nudist?  I love it!!  I really do.  I also almost always wish I was nude when I have to wear clothing of any kind.  When I do were clothing, I wear as little as possible, including (or excluding) bras and panties.  Winking smile

Being raised a nudist I believe I have matured (in some ways) faster than other teenagers.  I don’t look at people and start to rate or judge their appearance.   For me, when I say someone has a great personality, that does not mean they are not pretty or handsome, it means, they have a great personality.  Body shape, size, color or modifications (if any) don’t mean anything to me.  I like people for who they are, without all the drama and distractions most people are raised with.

I am more self confident than most my age and I believe it is because I am raised in the nude.  Nothing to hide Winking smile , I am comfortable with me and the way I look which adds to my confidence and less stressful way of life.  I don’t worry about having certain brand clothing or accessories, etc.  I am comfortable just the way I am.  If people don’t like me for who I am, then obviously they can not be my friend and I don’t have to worry about it.  I don’t try to be someone I'm not, my confidence helps me be the person I am. 

Do I have a choice?  Yes!  My parents and Aunt always make sure I am going nude because I want too, not because everyone else is.  This attitude builds with not falling to peer pressure.  I have become a strong person because of my nudity, reinforcing who I am and helping me make better choices.

Something else I believe is because of not hiding behind clothing or pretending to be something I’m not, I am more open minded and don’t judge people for their likes and dislikes.  I am always respectful to that.  In fact, I find I have more respect for people that obviously are doing what they want (if it’s a good choice) instead of what all of their friends think they should be doing.

Being raised in a nudist family lifestyle probably brings up more questions sooner than later on many subjects.  Sex being one of them.  I don’t get embarrassed if the subject of sex comes up and I don’t shy away from talking about it.  This does not mean I have sex or that I am planning on having sex with someone anytime soon.  It just means I am totally aware facts regarding sex; the technical part as well as different types of sex acts.

There is no topic off limits in my family and I think you will find that among most nudists.  It has a lot to do with openness and not hiding or making a like or dislike opinion for someone else.  Your likes may or may not be the same as mine.  But until I try something, I don’t know if I like it or dislike it so how can I judge something until I do?

I have no regrets regarding being a nudist.  I totally enjoy the lifestyle.

I know there are a lot of stats around the medical field and the internet regarding pros and cons of nudity (I’m talking about facts not someone’s opinion based on no knowledge).  I believe more females than males prefer nudity depending on age.  Overall, I bet the stats are the same.

By the way, most of my girlfriends that are not in a nudist family lifestyle, love coming to my house so they can be nude.  They like the lifestyle just as much as I do.

Hope this helps!



Kimberly A. said...

Lisa, thank you for answering my questions. I am starting to get the whole self confidence building thing. I know I am more self confident and relaxed about me, my body shape and size. Mom says she likes the changes in me. She's even asked if I thought it would be weird if she started going around nude too. I told I was cool with that and I really am. Thanks again! Loves, Kimberly

Judith said...

Just read your post to my daughter's questions to you. She told you posted and we read it together. I have to say, you are right on the mark. I have seen significant changes in her and they are all good changes. The openness you talked about, well, we are progressing in that area as well.

Judith and Kimberly said...

Kimberly and I visit your blog often. We were talking today and thought maybe you would like an update.

Kimberly and I both are nudists. Around the house it is very unusual for us to be clothed. I have seen Kimberly change shortly after allowing her to be nude at home. The changes are all for the better.

I to, started being nude around the house. I do understand the changes I see in Kimberly and how the changes are directly related to the outcome of being a nudist. Kimberly says she sees the same changes in me as I have seen in her.

Lots of love and thanks,

Judith and Kimberly