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From child to adult, from blushing and shy to delivering seminars in front of 100's of nudists. My name is Abby Turner, I am retired but continue to council people through seminars and private sessions.

My original blog will be posted here as well as new posts because I believe the information is important and well worth the time and energy. Original posting dates may not stay the same but may reflect the date I moved the post. I've been asked not to delete my original blog, sending it to the dark, nowhere void of the internet space; that being said, I will move the information here.

Please bare with me, it will be very time consuming and emotional at times. I will also include Lisa's posts as I believe her posts were and still are very valuable and informative to common issues, topics and discussions.


Teenage Shaving–Lisa

This is an email question that came to my Aunt and we figured that maybe it was time it was answered by a teenager – me.

“I’m in 9th grade and just started the school year.  For most of the summer I have been shaving my pubic hair.  I got tired of always trimming to make sure nothing was showing from my bikini bottoms.  I’ve always thought it looked bad, tacky, well gross.  I don’t shave it all, but most of it.  It’s not like I have a lot of pubic hair yet but obviously there is some.  I never thought about having to shower with girls at school.  I don’t know what to expect or maybe I should stop shaving until next year’s summer break.  I would like to hear your advice.”

I started shaving and trimming almost as soon as my pubic hair started to grow.  I didn’t like the look compared to seeing what my Mom and Aunt do.  They both shave/trim their pubic hair and I really like the look rather than having a big mass of hair down there.

I was unsure what would happen the first time I showered after gym class.  It was a mix of expressions.  Some of the girls called me some pretty nasty names (which I won’t repeat but I’m sure you get the idea), some of the girls actually said they liked the idea and were going to try it and of course the “better than anyone” group pushed their noses in the air walking away saying more bad words.

One of my friends was showering when all of this happened (she knew I shaved) made one statement that shut up several of the girls… “Why are you even looking down there?”  Let me tell you, everyone got very quiet for a few seconds and some of the girls never said another word.

I was quick to get over the bad reactions by reminding myself I am being me.  I am comfortable with shaving/trimming and I like it.  I am not going to change because of someone’s closed minded attitude.

Now, a lot of girls shave and trim their pubic hair.  Even some of the girls that did the name calling and a few of the high and mighty girls do too.

Just remember, you shave/trim for you.  No one has to like it or accept it but you.  If it breaks friendships, then they weren’t really friends to begin with.  Sorry but that’s the harsh truth.

Me, I say, shave/trim and enjoy it.  Just be you.


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Kim Z said...

Lisa, thank you so much for answering my email and posting here. You have really helped me. As it turns out, I was worried for nothing. The first time showering this year after class and only thing that happened was a few funny looks for a couple of girls. hehe, one of my friends now shaves too. She didn't realize I was all summer long.
Anyway, thank you so much.