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Genital Shaving

I've received several emails regarding gential shaving, so I will be covering all the questions with this post although I have only copied two of the questions (all of the others were basically the same questions asked of me).

Is genital shaving frowned upon at resorts/nude beaches?

I've noticed a lot of girls slightly older than me and older ladies that have shaved their genital/pubic area, is this ok? I really like the look and was thinking of doing it myself.

Most resorts do not have rules or regulations regarding genital shaving.  Genital shaving is normally considered the same as one's hairstyle; worn in a style that is liked by the individual person.  However, if you are one that shaves your pubic/genital hair, keep it neat just as you would have your hair styled and brushed appropreately for going out in public.

Genital/pubic shaving is okay.  Many men and women are doing and there does not seem to be any side effects medically speaking other than a few visual ones.  Shaving can produce a rash with tiny bumps similar to the rash some women getting shaving their under arms and like the rash some men get on their neck.  There are several precautions to take:
1. always use a new fresh razor that has not been used, I also dip mine in a cup of rubbing alchol to make sure it is sterial
2. wash the area to be shaved with warm soap and water
3. use a shaving cream designed for soft and sensitive skin (mine has aloe in it)
4. wash the area gently but thoroughly after shaving
5. apply a lotion in the shaved area
6. if you have to put clothes on afterwards, make sure the shaved area is dry
7. if you like the look and feel and plan on shaving, be sure to shave on a regular bases as to not allow stuble to get to long which will help prevent irritation.
8. apply lotion daily, this will keep the area soft and help from any rash developing

You may have to experiment a little as to which lotions and creams to use since each individual is different, the affects may differ slightly.

Aside from possible rash, in-grown hairs are possible; if you get an in-grown hair, take care of it properly.

There is no reason to be ashamed; a lot of women and girls shave the pubic area and the genital area.  Some do both and some do just the genital area.  There are also a lot of young ladies that have thought about shaving but are to embarrassed to shave.  I have shaved since I was thirteen or fourteen.

There are many different styles of shaving the pubic area.  A search on the internet should provide you with some input as to style.

Men also shave their pubic and genital areas.  I prefer a man with a neatly trim (short) pubic area and shaved shaft and testies.



Julie Higgins said...

Your answer to the shaving issues are very helpful. Thank you for adding the "How To" part also.


Mick W said...

My wife prefers I am shaved, totally.. And I like the look.