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Body Piercings and Nudity

Are genital piercing acceptable at a nudist resort?

Body piercings have always been a way to express one's self and to beautify the body.  A perfect and very common example is piercing of the ears.  Piercing of the ears have been done for generations here in America and it has been done and accepted in children and adults of all ages. Although some piercings are designed to enhance sexual sensations during sex with or without a partner, those same piercings also "beautify" the body.  Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In my opinion all body piercing should be acceptable at a resort even though some resorts do not allow some genital piercings.  If you are planning a trip to a particular resort, call or email the resort and ask what the policy is regarding your exact type of piercing.  Don't beat around the bush, be honest and to the point as to the type piercing.

I have been lecturing and advising resorts for many years, trying to get resorts to accept piercings as a body expression NOT as a sexual attractant.  Although some people may consider genital piercing as a sexual expression these people must keep in mind that the piercings are also to make one appear more beautiful.

I have only a few piercings; ears pierced when I was about 5, my tongue pierced when I was fifteen and my belly button pierced when I was sixteen.  I still have all of my piercings and have no intention of removing them just to go to a nudist resort.  If the nudist resort I am interested in visiting does not allow body piercings, I don't go to that resort.

My brother on the other hand does have genital piercings and his piercings are not considered acceptable at some resorts.  Those resorts are ones we do not visit because he like me refuses to remove the piercings.

Be sure to check with the nudist resort before booking a stay or visiting the resort; don't wait until the last minute because the resorts rules may make you want to stay somewhere else.


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Ben said...

Oh thank you for posting this. I have a pierced tongue, belly button and a genital piercing. I have no problems with it but my mom has often said she was unsure if I should have the piercings in when we are at the condo (resort).